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Andreas Lipski

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  • Вс, 22:48: RT @jokekouyate: Kim jong-Il dood, en ook Vaclav Havel. Onze Lieve Heer maakt merkwaardige combinaties
  • Пн, 08:21: RT @kevinwmoore: My wife on Kim Jong-Il: "It's good he died today. He does not deserve to die on the same day as Vaclav Havel."
  • Пн, 08:51: RT @wolfpupy: remember when worshiping The Claw in toy story was a funny joke and not grim foreshadowing of the future of mankind
  • Пн, 13:28: More DC52: Frankenstein is badass. I didn't read much Hellboy, but basically what if he was Batman.